Safety & Care


Please make sure that your child is always closely supervised while wearing SKD bling. The small beads can become a choking hazard when chewed on. The rhinestones can come off when put in the mouth or handled too roughly. Bubblegum necklaces, whittle necklaces, & bracelets are NOT meant to be chewed on. Buyer assumes FULL responsibility & ALL liability!!  Please check out our teething line if your little likes to chew on things. All SKD bling & teethers should NEVER be left in crib, car seats, swings, or anywhere else they are not supervised. Always use very close supervision when babies are wearing and/or using SKD teethers. They are not toys & should NEVER be left in crib, car seat, swings, or anywhere else they are not supervised.


SKD products are NOT toys & should always be used with adult supervision. While all necklaces & teethers are securely knotted onto a durable satin cord the small nature of the beads could cause a choking risk if they become loose or damaged. The only products recommended to be mouthed or chewed on are in the teething section. Made with BPA free and food grade silicone & breakaway clasps for safety. Please read below for care & instructions of teething line.


We recommend washing your teething jewelry before your first wear & regularly after your baby has handled and chewed on it. You can wash your SKD teething jewelry in mild soap with warm water & let air dry. You can also wipe them down with baby wipes when on the go! We recommend you do NOT soak or leave wood beads/pendants underwater; this may dry it out. Conditioning the wood with organic coconut oil regularly will create a seal & help protect it. If you wish to sterilize your teething jewelry, you can submerge your teething necklace/teethers in boiling water for a few minutes but we recommend leaving the clasp out. The best option is to boil water, remove from heat, and submerge teethers while leaving the clasp to hang out. Be careful when removing it, as it will EXTREMELY hot & could cause burns. Allow the teether to completely cool before giving it to your baby. Do NOT microwave. Always inspect teething jewelry/teethers before every use. If you notice any damage, discontinue use immediately.

 Please email with any questions or concerns